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Magento Ecommerce Theme Designer imreGabri My name is Gabor Imre, or imreGabri in short. I live in a beautiful village near Budapest, Hungary. I’ve been working as a web and ecommerce designer since 2004. As an eCommerce web designer and project manager, I specialize in designing eCommerce websites, and I’ve been designing websites built on the Magento eCommerce platform since 2008. In addition, I am happy to design corporate websites and to carry out complete Magento Ecommerce and WordPress projects. According to my credo, the most important aspects of graphic design are the harmony of colours and patterns, clarity and simplicity, and easy navigation for users in perfect line with web ergonomics and marketing objectives. I always design eCommerce and corporate websites with the same enthusiasm and responsible attitude as I was working for my own business.

    Magento Ecommerce Theme Designer

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    • Magento Ecommerce Design
    • WordPress Design
    • Corporate Identity Design
    • Mobile Friendly Design
    • Custom User Interface Design

    • Magento Setup, Design & Development
    • WordPress Setup, Design, Sitebuild
    • SEO Analytics
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitive Analysys

    Why Magento?

    Magento Ecommerce Theme Designer

    In short: because it’s the best ecommerce platform available out there.

    In a little bit more detail: according to statistics, Magento is the #1 eCommerce CMS globally. More than 150,000 online retailers
    use it around the world in different sectors with different profiles.
    So it’s very versatile! Magento eCommerce is an open source ecommerce system, therefore it is continuously developing thanks to its creator, Varien Ltd., and to the developer community of thousands
    of programmers. A clear proof of success is that Varien Ltd. was fully acquired by eBay in 2011 because, after studying all the significant webshop applications, they saw Magento as the most promising ecommerce application for the future.

    The unsurpassed advantage of Magento eCommerce is that even
    its basic, community edition contains extra sales boosting functions (e.g. up-sell, cross-sell, coupon code system) that are either completely missing from other eCommerce engines or can be applied only with installing additional plug-ins. Furthermore, it sports the most up-to-date and professional administrative platform specifically “sharpened for” eCommerce―e.g. you can set up categories, manage your customer base, manage orders, assemble turnover figures, connect your webshop with the accounting and inventory system,
    or even with the complete ERP system as well.

    The Magento eCommerce CMS Community Edition is free. Thanks
    to its modular structure, graphic design and all customer related features can be totally adjusted to the needs of your business.

    And that’s where I come in!

    I guess you wouldn’t be happy to see your Magento template design, basically available for anyone, appear on your competitors’ websites. That’s why it is highly recommended to make a unique ecommerce design for your business. This is where I can really help you.

    What I offer:

    Attractive and clear-cut home page design

    It includes corporate logo design and colour usage, a clear menu structure, appearances of ad spots and special offers, boxes
    of top-list items, a fast search function and the basic user
    functions that are needed for a smoothly operating webshop.

    Professionally designed product details page

    It helps you sell your products more effectively. It’s easy to read through, it contains all the necessary information for your potential customer, and, in addition, it offers other related items for sale. Certainly, the sharing functions of the most popular community sites (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) will appear on this page
    as well.

    Easy-to-follow category listing

    With the professional Magento filtering search function, your shoppers can narrow down search results from thousands
    of products to a few ones that most meet their needs, just
    in a matter of seconds. I add a detailed description box to each category, which serves two basic purposes: on the one hand it informs the customer about the advantages of a brand or product range, on the other hand it increases keyword density, which enhances the effectiveness of search engine optimisation
    because it means useful content for Google.

    Shopping cart subpage with an extra sales function

    For achieving better sales results, the Magento shopping cart comprises an up-sell block. Naturally, it is easier to motivate shoppers, who already decided to purchase from you, to choose
    a better, faster, or stronger variant of a certain product.

    One page or multi-step checkout

    One of the major advantages of the Magento webshop platform
    is that you can have a tailor-made checkout process―either
    a one-page or a multi-page solution. Both can increase sales just
    the same, but before making a decision, it’s recommended to test
    the shopping behaviour of your target group and make
    your choice accordingly (A/B testing).

    General corporate subpage

    It is a general, static subpage where you can share information
    and services of your company, terms and conditions, as well as
    any other details about your business that you consider important.

    Professional community building blog or news page

    You can publish informative news or relevant articles regularly
    about your company and its products that can be easily shared
    on social community websites. We integrate today’s best web
    content delivery framework, WordPress, running in the background
    of the blog page in a way that the user doesn’t notice at all that
    there’s a completely different content management system
    behind the whole blog page.

    Landing page design

    If you need a landing page where you, for instance, present
    a product category to customers or set up a user registration
    page in order to build up a database, I would be happy
    to help you out.

    Newsletter Template

    For direct marketing operations, nowadays, it is a must to make
    your newsletters and other electronic direct mails or notification
    letters well designed, appealing, and easy to read. I can design
    the general newsletter template matching the looks of your
    Magento webshop and can adjust the system notification
    email template to the corporate design as well.

    Optimizing sites for mobile devices

    Your business needs to follow the trends so it is crucial for your webshop to be optimized for mobile devices. I can elaborate
    the responsive web layouts of your Magento webshop
    or corporate home pages and subpages for mobile screens.

    Multistore Setup

    Magento provides the amazing feature of being able to serve seemingly different webshops of different domain names
    from one single admin platform. This is called “multisite
    structure”. Many companies choose this solution to get more
    Google search hits for the same product group, or they
    set up a number of thematic webshops for different product
    categories for SEO reasons. In such cases I can either design
    completely different webshop layouts or similar ones
    as well if, say, the separate pages need to follow a general
    corporate design.

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